Sports Advisory

Sports just like any theatre or an opera binds the crowds the only difference is the nature of crowd, free spirit, joy, enchantment.Over the years, stadiums have evolved a great deal, they are now landmarks for the city, the sheer identity of the city, and when it hosts a game, it becomes an urban agglomeration, spectators dressed in fancy clothes make this experience even more joyous, there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching a live game, you get to see all the emotions possible on this earth, witnessing a game (theatre, opera) which is unscripted.

This decade has seen major developments in the stadia development and design, form a single purpose stadium to multipurpose, though the multipurpose venues is a debatable topic as different sports have different field sizes which effect spectator’s distribution and no stadium owner would like to compromise with the spectators' experience.

We believe that stadiums are symbolic structures just like religious places, their ability to hold multi-thousands of spectators, with distinct qualities, yet being there just for one specific reason or purpose to celebrate human bravery and extraordinary skill and adventure which through the ages has been respected and celebrated.

It would be interesting to see what the future holds in the trends of stadia. However, it’s sure; it would not be like past, huge concrete bowls, counting how many people can be accommodated into it, the future would be more pragmatic, entirely based on experience, atmosphere end sustainability.


ASCELA’s Sports Advisory practice helps clients develop and leverage core competencies to deliver sustainable and tangible returns.

From the initial brief to the completion of the project, we work with our clients to understand exactly what drives them, providing creative, innovative solutions that result not just in imaginatively designed buildings, but places that make memories. Our team has extensive experience of programme and management of sports events, including overlay planning and event execution.

Our in-depth knowledge of our focus on sports sectors, backed with intensive research and rigorous analysis into our clients’ specific contexts, helps define superior strategies, framework, and implementable action plans. Our team members are proud to be associated with some of marquee global sports events, including Qatar games, Asian games, Commonwealth games (India), and Men’s Hockey World Cup (India).

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