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  • India’s quest for a robust Inland Waterway Transport Network

    Edition 11 | Infrastructure Advisory | July 2022

    Inland water transport is not only environmentally beneficial and fuel-efficient, but it is also cost-effective. It has the potential to ease the burden on the overburdened rail system and congested highways. Aside from cargo movement, IWT might boost a location's tourism sector.

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  • Trends and Outlooks in the Development of Global Container Liner Shipping Industry

    Edition 10 | Infrastructure Advisory | May 2022

    Maritime trade was hit hard by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the sector managed to navigate through the crisis. In 2021, maritime trade rebounded but faced several challenges such as the Suez Canal blockage and the Ukraine-Russia war.

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  • Realising potential of logistics sector in the Middle East Region

    Edition 9 | Infrastructure Advisory | December 2021

    Middle Eastern region has tremendous economic growth opportunities, owing to their hydrocarbon wealth, strategic location, and availability of skilled manpower. The region has witnessed a steep growth in the logistics sector through its efforts on economic diversification.

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  • Interior Design Trends 2021 Residential

    Edition 8 | Design and Build | January 2021

    With the jinxed year of 2020 finally past us, it's time to rejoice and look out for the interior design trends that will take over this year.

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  • Cold Storage Warehouse Market Trends and Insights for India

    Edition 7 | Design and Build | December 2020

    The recent COVID-19 surge has created a demand for cold chain infrastructure to be updated globally. Government policies have helped catalyze investments in the Indian cold chain sector. Increasing cross-border trade and growing organized retail industry are driving the Indian cold chain logistics market.

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  • Opportunities and Challenges for Inland Waterways in India

    Edition 6 | Infrastructure Advisory | November 2020

    The government of India has recently taken several initiatives and policy decisions aimed at promoting the domestic movement of cargo utilizing Inland waterways. With the increased focus on the country’s inland waterways transport system, cargo traffic through IWT is expected to increase substantially.

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  • Indian Air Freight Industry Tapping into untapped potential

    Edition 5 | Infrastructure Advisory | August 2020

    If the growth potential of air freight logistics is appropriately harnessed, Indian airports can become cargo hubs of the region. To improve the airport's efficiency, integrated development of infrastructure should be targeted with improvement in logistics and warehousing operational efficiencies.

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  • Towards Effective and Integrated Development of Global Container Liner Shipping Industry | Trends and Outlook

    Edition 4 | Infrastructure Advisory | July 2020

    International maritime trade lost its momentum in the years 2018 and 2019. Heightened trade tensions between China and the USA, and weaker developments in the market segments largely impacted economic and trade growth in many countries The impact of this economic slowdown was also felt in container trade globally. Global maritime trade slowdown was further worsened by the implementation of IMO 2020 regulation on the use of low sulphur fuels, and COVID 19 outbreak.

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  • Trends and opportunities in the logistics sector in India | Case of Delhi NCR

    Edition 3 | Infrastructure Advisory | April 2020

    ASCELA has been closely studying the NCR region and monitoring key recent and ongoing developments. Our first-hand experience of working in Delhi NCR has helped us develop an understanding of the business potential in the logistics and warehousing sector in the region.

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  • Port city as an engine of port development Case of Major ports in India

    Edition 2 | Infrastructure Advisory | February 2020

    India has a large coastline, stretching over 7 517 km, interspersed with more than 200 ports In FY 2018 19 total throughput of Indian container terminals was registered as 17 02 MTEU against the total installed container handling capacity was at 28 65 MTEU, reflecting capacity utilization of around 59%. ASCELA, being involved in development of various ports in India, has been monitoring recent developments in maritime sector to analyze infrastructure growth opportunities to enhance cargo handling and capacity utilization of Indian ports.

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  • Realising the potential of logistics sector in North Eastern region of India

    Edition 1 | Infrastructure Advisory | January 2020

    North East region is strategically important as it shares an international border with countries like Bhutan, China, Myanmar, and Bangladesh Almost all land-based trade destined towards NE is facilitated through Siliguri corridor between NE region and the rest of India Moreover, ASCELA has been closely studying NE region and monitoring recent developments of NE states to analyze business potential in logistics and warehousing sector in the region.

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