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  • 3rd

    Recent trends of logistics industry and Business opportunities in Delhi- National Capital Region (NCR)

    Edition three of the insight paper highlights business potential in logistics and warehousing sector in Delhi-NCR, giving consideration to sector-specific market background, macroeconomic factors and policy support by Government of India. The paper also impresses upon most recent trends in the industry, including COVID-19, and discusses ASCELA’s view on new business normal.

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  • 2nd

    Port city as an engine of port development - Case of Major ports in India

    Second edition of Insight paper involves curated assessment of Indian major ports and port-cities. ASCELA aims to render integrated port development in India, based on hypothesis-driven reckoning of Indian ports, collateral to development of urban ecosystem. Evaluation draws theoretical extrapolation through port-city matrix, and provides ASCELA’s recommendations, on both, short term and long term perspective.

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  • 1st

    Realising the potential of logistics sector in North Eastern region of India

    Realizing tremendous economic potential of the North East region, Government of India is actively pushing for greater investments in the eight NE states. Due to favorable policies and incentives, NE region is witnessing entry of some of the large logistics players and manufacturing companies. Our maiden insight paper highlights logistics sector’s potential of the region.

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